January 29, 2024
Delft, Netherlands

TRIATHLON Kick-Off Meeting

Great project starts with a great kick off!

The project’s Kick-Off meeting, held at Delft Technical University, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, on 23-24 January 2024, was marked by insightful discussions on the project plan and expected impacts. Participants also had the privilege of exploring the university’s Materials Laboratory, the SAM XL Collaborative Research Centre, and the workspace of Aero Delft students crafting their aircraft.

TRIATHLON can also count on an impressive External Advisory Board, which will bring in their expertise along the project, featuring industry excellences such as Safran, H2Pulse, Avio Aero, and Ge Turkey, who provided invaluable insights into the project’s workplan during the Kick-Off Meeting.

Also, the Project Officer, Hugues Felix, joined the meeting and supported the consortium in setting priorities.

Many thanks to Technical University Delft and M2i, for the perfect organization and for the unforgettable boat ride on the Canal.

TRIATHLON is ready to take off!